[Dshield] New Outlook virus?

John Draper crunch at shopip.com
Tue Oct 1 09:55:37 GMT 2002

>   It appears that you receive an infected message that shows no
>attachment when viewed in Outlook.  When opened the virus sends email
>out to people in your address book with a subject and content taken
>from a previously sent message.  One person reported seeing something
>flash on their screen very quickly when it was opened.  The virus is
>attaching itself using the name of an attachment you sent before.
>   Up to date Mcafee and Norton virus scanners do not appear to be
>catching it.  My Anomy Sanitizer at home caught that there was an .scr
>attachment with the message and defanged it.  Other people reported
>that their virus scanner did not catch it but an email defanger did.

I don't use WinBlows,  so don't see anything unusual,  unless you count
30 identical mail messages with a Klez-H vitus attached!    :-)


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