[Dshield] Why???

John Draper crunch at shopip.com
Wed Oct 2 21:20:55 GMT 2002

>If you are very concerned with scans, hack attempts and exploits - then the
>only solution is to move to an ISP who shares your concerns. Never assume
>the ISP will resolve issues like this, just because they are an ISP - they
>are just as likely to put the responsibility on you as a system user. If the
>ISP sounds like it does not care about your concerns, it probably doesn't -
>and you won't know this until it is an issue.

Also,  I wouldn't expect most ISP's to "firewall" your connection.   Firewalling should ALWAYS be a local issue.   But then if you're "vsnl" in India,  and are owned by the state phone monopoly,  then it IS in your best interest to block "Netmeeting" and prevent it's use.   How ELSE are they going to get their $7/minute international phone charges?


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