[Dshield] port scans

Raven raven at earthlights.net
Fri Oct 4 17:53:18 GMT 2002

Hello Doug,

Saturday, October 05, 2002, 2:56:47 AM, you wrote:

D> Port 137 scans are hitting us at the rate of about a hundred per hour.  here is a description.

D> Its a windows Virus/Worm...it has already broken the Klez Record's, MS
D> should have already released the patches.  Not sure if zonealram can stop
D> it because it's designed to kill all Desktop firewall's and some av
D> programs.

ZoneAlarm will stop it from being read, therefore activated. I was
"hit" 3 times with emails containing this Virus a few days ago. Each
time ZoneAlarm refused to allow me to read the emails.

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