[Dshield] UDP/TCP:1214 probes - "normal" KaZaA?

Ed Truitt ed.truitt at etee2k.net
Mon Oct 7 12:46:21 GMT 2002

Actually, it isn't that strange.  UDP is better at "shovelling" data (which
you would likely be doing if you were swapping large files.)  And, there are
many "professional" products that use UDP as their transport method (e.g.
TIBCO - an application integration / middleware package).

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> (Notes: I don't do KaZaA; these are *hours* after I last dialed up, so
> this is not dialup cruft; I'm wondering if these are hosts that have
> just come online and are attempting to resume transfers that did not
> complete sucessfully. Seems strange that KaZaA uses UDP for transport;
> Does it?)


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