[Dshield] Newbie: How long Dshield take to process the results

Johannes Ullrich jullrich at euclidian.com
Tue Oct 8 00:28:37 GMT 2002

> 1) Who is funding this project? (alas why is free?)

The project is funded by the SANS Institute. See http://www.sans.org
(and sign up for some courses to keep DShield free ;-) ).

> 2) How long (estimate) takes dshield to answer back after receiveing the
> logs 

a few hours. depends on overall database load and other maintenance that
may be going on.

3) How an user can now if the logs were received? (i haven't
> received any notification since 1 hour ago by email and the web interface
> doesn't show anything. I have a user ID with the service).

you will receive an email once the reports are parsed and shortly before
they are imported into the database.

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