[Dshield] OT: SlightlytTipsy, but I have a question.

Patrick Beart patrick at WebArchitecture.com
Tue Oct 8 19:58:14 GMT 2002

At 3:11 PM +0200 10/6/02, Keith Smith wrote:
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>>  Do people (varmints, vermin etc) who run Trojans, have
>>  Firewalls, and if they do, how do they have them configured ?
>A firewall is all about port connect and communication protection, 
>and as such have little to do with stopping a Trojan.  That said, 
>they do by their nature inhibit the spread of a small subset of 
>viruses, and some firewall products have email scanners built in 
>since email is a common way for Trojans to enter.

	More specifically, ... firewall's don't filter packets, they 
block connections. IDS can filter data/packets/datagrams, or so I'm 
told. That's not the realm of firewalls.

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