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Ed Truitt ed.truitt at etee2k.net
Wed Oct 9 00:29:26 GMT 2002

The question is, what do you do with 'em when you find 'em?  I personally
love the sound and feel of their (limited number of) brain cells squishing
between my toes, but I am not sure I can make a living offering that type of
service.  And there lies the rub:  to have a service you can get other
people to pay you for, you need to offer them something in return.  With
spammer-hunting, I am not sure what that "something" would be.  Especially
since you can't terminate their Internet access, nor can you prosecute them.
What else is there to offer?

Now, of course if you are doing it because of altruism, or a sense of
community, or just for the sheer joy of screwing with spammers, then by all
means go ahead - I would be interested in hearing if you have anything new
to bring to the table (automating the tracking process is a necessity).

Ed Truitt
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> Sounds like food for Spamcop to me.   Say,  I wanted to un this idea by
you guys...   I'm thinking of providing a service by offering to track down
spammers.   By following the money trail,  I'm getting fairly good at it.
> I know this is totally off the subject of this list,  but what the heck,
figured I would ask anyway.
> John
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