[Dshield] Spam hunting (RE: Numerous spam threads)

Louis Hablas Lou.Hablas at rzim.org
Thu Oct 10 13:02:50 GMT 2002

One more to look at

http://www.digiportal.com/  Choicemail is the product you want to read


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Look into procmail.



"Procmail! Oh, it's not for the faint-of-heart" some would say, but
procmail is an excellent whitelist construction tool..

This gets you away from the enormous maintenance problem your method
would entail: who's going to keep editing the "acceptable email address
list" so that people can receive mail from new sources?

On Wed, Oct 09, 2002 at 01:02:53PM -0400, David Sentelle wrote:
> I've given up on spam hunting.  
> I want to write a mailserver program/script that will keep a list of
addresses email can be received from for each user.  If an email is
received from someone not on that list, it is bounced like the person
isn't there.  Then I would like a web based tool for the user to log
in through and add acceptable users and hosts.  (Allowing wildcards,
of course) 
> It could also have the functionality in it to allow the user to have
a configurable tagline/keystring that could be included in the email,
who's presence would allow that email through to the users' mailbox,
or at least put a 'request for delivery from' message in the users'
> Its a pipe dream.  I've got a Linux box at home, but don't even know
where to get started on the project.  With my first baby in the house,
I'm sure I won't get around to it.

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