[Dshield] Is it true that Linux users do not fear Viruses and Trojans (+ some vital questions)

Peter Stendahl-Juvonen peter.stendahl-juvonen at welho.com
Thu Oct 10 17:10:26 GMT 2002

Dominique, Ed, Johannes, Patrick, et al.

Perhaps you would like to check out these as well-

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For curiosity:
F-Secure Radar(tm)

D-Link Express EtherNetwork 4-port Ethernet Broadband Router

The D-Link DI-604 packs a lot of features into its diminutive chassis.
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Unless you need major integrated features that the DI-604 lacks, (like a
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Contradictory user reviews [individual brain(s) experience identical
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Best of luck
-  Peter

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        for it's not the same river and he's not the same man."
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PS.  To one's knowledge, it has been possible to get the (above)
hardware - new, not second-hand - for, e.g. ca. 19.50 US$ or 19.25
euros.  ;-)

An example of price quote(s)-

Nevertheless, try Google: "D Link DI 604 Express EtherNetwork 4 port
Ethernet Broadband" limiting search, e.g. to 100 results and you will
find at least several '3x' US dollars (fewer euros :-)) price quotes.

PPS.  I may be mistaken, but are you being 'recommended' or 'being given
the green light' to implement a 'personal firewall', 'software
firewall', or 'software implemented integrated firewall', 'integrated
software solution that provides superior performance in an all-in-one
Firewall' or "'Snake Oil' solution"? Anyway positively 'surprised' how
little rejection a "Snake Oiliest" approach received this time!  ;)


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list-admin at dshield.org <mailto:list-admin at dshield.org> wrote on
Thursday, October 10, 2002 2:09 PM: on behalf of  'domo' or Dominique
Fiori [dominiquefiori at numericable.fr]: 

> Morning all,
> A big thank you for the richness of this list, I learn more reading
> you all that @ any training session but well I live in France and
> this is not Internet Country...  
> mind : being a froggy makes me writing English with mental capability
> of a spud, accept apologies for my spelling mistakes and apologize
> Netscape to by the way.  
> 2 month ago a hacker decided to wreck all my data ( 5 gigs including
> a Ph.D.) when I was on Windoze ADV server 2K learning on running ADV
> directories on a network I set up @ home faking a big company. I
> learnt the hard way the issues of the network admins that black day.
> i managed to catch the offending ID, talked to his owner I am still
> unsure if he was the offender or if he was hacked as well) my
> provider did nothing, no warning, no actions, I lost valuable data
> and the provider did zero, nod, zip, nicht, nada, rien !     
> The only guys who helped me are the Jims Peter etc from the list
> giving me the knowledge to build a defense : I chose to run Linux, a
> German one (not telling which one as the Jims Peters etc...explained
> to me that this is valuable info for a hacker).   
> I installed several distros, read nights and days, paid for some
> training (RED HAT was bad and not friendly + dear...by the way). I am
> happy I run a firewall and think I am safe.  
> I have been told that Linux was Virus free (1 or 2 minor viruses
> only). 
> 3a ) I am looking for a Firewall
> A Soft with a human interface (not pages and pages of cryptic logs
> please) that would be a Firewall. 
> I miss my Seagate (actually it did not see my Hacker) or Zone Alarm
> 3b) I am also looking for an anti virus soft that would look like
> Symantec (interface and capabilities) not a Xterm cryptic scan manul
> for each directory please.  
> 3 c) I am looking for a protection for my E mails against malicious
> mails any idea ? 
> This is it this is the only issue I see in Linux but I guess it is
> because I do not know if such Soft exist 
> Warmest regards
> Dominique

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