[Dshield] Is it true that Linux users do not fear Viruses and Trojans (+ some vital questions)

John Groseclose iain at caradoc.org
Thu Oct 10 18:15:38 GMT 2002

At 1:09 PM +0200 10/10/02, domo wrote:


2 month ago a hacker decided to wreck all my data ( 5 gigs including 
a Ph.D.) when I was on Windoze ADV server 2K learning on running ADV 
directories on a network I set up @ home faking a big company.
I learnt the hard way the issues of the network admins that black day.
i managed to catch the offending ID, talked to his owner I am still 
unsure if he was the offender or if he was hacked as well) my 
provider did nothing, no warning, no actions, I lost valuable data 
and the provider did zero, nod, zip, nicht, nada, rien !

Question: why did you not simply restore your data from your backups/archives?

More important than building a solid firewall is backing up your data 
in intervals that make sense for the importance of the data. If you 
can afford to lose a week's worth of work, back up once a week.

I back up daily. Several of the systems that I work on write data to 
optical drives as the data comes in, so that no data is ever really 

1) Firewalls can fail to stop a determined intruder.
2) Catching them after the damage is done may not result in anything 
useful - can you attach a monetary value to whatever time you'd put 
into the dissertation?
3) Archiving your data and keeping it safe will minimize the amount 
of time you have to spend rebuilding everything, dependent solely on 
the archival interval.
John Groseclose
iain at caradoc.org

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