[Dshield] Is it true that Linux users do not fear Viruses and Trojans (+ some vital questions)

Jan Wildeboer jan.wildeboer at gmx.de
Fri Oct 11 11:30:16 GMT 2002

John Draper wrote:

> Evven a medium size company should budget at least $50,000
 > into Securing their network,  by either hiring an expert,
 > or going out and getting an Intrusion Prevention System.

Most small to medium-sized business should start thinking about if it 
reallys is needed to hook the complete LAN to the internet. First 
priority should be "reduce the risk".

But I agree - most companies want IT to work - somehow, without thinking 
about that. That son of that friend of the boss is such a Linux guru, he 
can do the security stuff for almost NIL ;-) Been there, lost my job 
because of my objections.

Jan Wildeboer

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