[Dshield] Is it true that Linux users do not fear Viruses and Trojans (+ some vital questions) MANY THANKS TO PETER, JIM, ED and all the exhaustive answers you sent guys

domo dominiquefiori at numericable.fr
Sun Oct 13 12:45:46 GMT 2002

Thank you very much for yout time

I want to try following your advice, actually I get more and more used 
to the command line ( I even start to find it faster than any X display) 
nevertheless I still envy the GUI like soft quick to install that could 
protect me while I learn while typing this note I fear for my data  I 
have lost about 600 Mo I guess

I recently  used the Anti vir command line Soft 
Un fortunately it seem 2  scan a directory and does not seem to scan 
files Also if I select / to be scanned then the reprot would say 
 directories ( or so) scanned in about 1 minute

I guess I have to read more about it for it to funcyion, in the mean 
while I am worried as I have lost so much because of that hacker ( my 
provider do not want to know about it) this is France U know...

Thank for your help once more Ed

Ed Truitt wrote:

>3a) Linux actually has 2 "firewalls" built in to the OS.  IPCHAINS, and
>IPTABLES.  While I am not aware of a GUI front end to these similar to ZA,
>there are some tools available to help facilitate the process.  Yes, they do
>produce "pages" of cryptic logs - so does ZA.  Again, I suspect you should
>be able to locate some utilities that make it easier to read them.  I use
>IPTABLES along with an Intrusion Detection System called SNORT, and each day
>I automatically run a script which takes the (cryptic) logs from SNORT and
>turns them into an email report I can scan to see who is bugging me.  The
>IPTABLES logs I simply forward to DShield (though there are some scripts
>that pretty them up into a nice report, too.)  SNORT also has other add-ins,
>including some GUI and web-based front-ends for real-time monitoring.
>3b)  I do remember an anti-virus software with a GUI for Linux - If I
>recall, it was RAV A/V, (http://www.ravantivirus.com) which has versions for
>Windows and Linux both.  I actually prefer the command-line stuff myself, as
>I can set it up to run automatically at a given time, and the computer will
>do so.  While more malware has been written to Windows than Linux, this may
>well change as Linux becomes more "mainstream" (at one time, most of the
>virii were written against the Apple II and Mac - how many Apple virii do we
>see today?)  As such, anti-virus is a good thing to have.  BTW, I also use
>the SNORT software for that purpose (though it is NOT a full-featured A/V
>3c) The BEST way to defeat virii or other malware in emails is to avoid
>using a Mail User Agent (like Netscape, or Outlook) which allows executable
>code embedded in an email - even better, it should only support plain ASCII
>text (no HTML).  A mail client like Mutt will show you the bad stuff, but
>will not run it.  And, since it will not render HTML, you don't have to
>worry about auto-executing malware inside of iframes.  Again, something like
>SNORT will help out here, as well.
>The bottom line, from my viewpoint, is that while the GUI-based stuff looks
>really neat, and has all sorts of bells and whistles, if you want native-GUI
>stuff, you probably have to go with Windows.  If you want to use Linux, you
>will have to hunt around, and learn some more things about how it works.
>One is not inherently better than the other, I just tend to prefer the
>second approach myself.
>Ed Truitt
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>From: domo
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>3a ) I am looking for a Firewall
>A Soft with a human interface (not pages and pages of cryptic logs please)
>that would be a Firewall.
>I miss my Seagate (actually it did not see my Hacker) or Zone Alarm
>3b) I am also looking for an anti virus soft that would look like Symantec
>(interface and capabilities) not a Xterm cryptic scan manul for each
>directory please.
>3 c) I am looking for a protection for my E mails against malicious mails
>any idea ?
>This is it this is the only issue I see in Linux but I guess it is because I
>do not know if such Soft exist
>Warmest regards
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