[Dshield] Port 135

BarkerJr BarkerJr at ClanCdG.com
Wed Oct 16 18:49:44 GMT 2002

Hi Folks, buncha questions...

Could we say the argument of port 135 being a public service applies to using
insecure proxies and SMTP relays?  They're no more than services offered to the
world, eh?

I do wonder, though.  Why the heck would people open port 135 in their firewall?
I should think many people don't even know what's listening on that port or what
it's for.

Now, these ads are pop-up alerts, right?  Am I right in saying that they can
only include text?

Why hasen't anyone used this as a DoS yet?  I should think it'd be quite easy to
use up all of the servers' memory with a bunch of pop-ups.

Lastly, I realize Win98 isn't affected by these popups, but IE5 (iirc) opened up
port 135 (for DCOM?) and I have no clue how to close it.  Anyone know how?


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