[Dshield] well that's good news then

Toby Miller tmiller at va.prestige.net
Fri Oct 18 19:31:49 GMT 2002

Over the past week I have seen 5 or six code red attempts on my IDS(s). All
of them have been from Asia. Just my .02 worth.


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just a stray bug running amuck.

didn't even know code red was still out there.

probably just infected servers reinfecting themselves by now...

safely block those then I guess, thanks for the expertise.

BTW for all those those needing pop email bug relief I have found this
item, available at at sourceforge.net to be quite useful.. avialable for
both windows and linux systems.

called 'save my modem'... look it up at sourceforge. delete the junk
mail in your popbox before you download, not after..

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