[Dshield] I rejoined the list...

John Draper lists at webcrunchers.com
Sat Oct 19 22:47:09 GMT 2002

I changed my Email on this list.   I'm no longer "crunch at shopip.com" on this list,   instead,  look at the FROM address.    

So,  when you send me anything,   unless I specify explicitly,   please send all mail to me at this address.

CODE RED - A lot of people on this list have been reporting a huge increase in Code Red attampts on port 80.

Earlier today,   i port mapped an OpenBSD box to a specific machine on our internal network - to help me solve an apache problem.   Seems that Apache had done some things that aren't making people very happy,   so I had to allow a friend to get on the box to help me,  and I needed to open up port 80 for testing.   Within 8 seconds of opening port 80,   WHAM!  we started getting code red attacks...   BOY!   These people in Asia must be super busy...


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