[Dshield] IP Suballocation Database?

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True.  But my experience has been that more often than not, a simple
traceroute to the address, with DNS resolution on the hops, will get you
there.  The router (ISP, ...) local to that address often is named in a way
that suggests the city, even neighborhood in some cases.  There are
graphical tools and sites that use a knowledge base of the big backbone
routers' geographical info to produce graphical traceroute maps.  You can
also do web searches on the first 3 octets, for instance to see what other
uses are documented for neighbor address.  That might reveal businesses and
organizations that are pretty much in the same place.

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Does anyone know of any way of determining the locale (region of country,
state, or city -- preferably city) to which an IP address has been

Yes, it is easy to determine which country an IP is allocated to (usually),
but say I have a block of IP addresses allocated to (for example)
BELLSOUTH.NET and they use them for DSL service -- is there any way to
determine where in BS's network the actual customer allocated the IP is
located? That is, short of a court subpoena to BS?

Jon Kibler

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