[Dshield] IP Suballocation Database?

Jan Wildeboer jan.wildeboer at gmx.de
Sun Oct 20 21:40:25 GMT 2002

Jon R. Kibler schrieb:

> Yes, it is easy to determine which country an IP is allocated
 > to (usually), but say I have a block of IP addresses allocated
 > to (for example) BELLSOUTH.NET and they use them for DSL service
 > -- is there any way to determine where in BS's network the
 > actual customer allocated the IP is located? That is, short
 > of a court subpoena to BS?

If you are looking for something automagic - I dunno.

Bit in special cases I always try a traceroute (or tracert for the M$ 
people). It usually indicates quite clear where the IP is located. The 
routers on the route usually have some sort of geographic code included.

Not exactly bullet-proof but always worth a try IMHO.

Unfortunately more and more routers will block traceroute attempts due 
to some abuse and possible security issues that some admins might think of.

Jan Wildeboer

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