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Micheal Patterson micheal at cancercare.net
Mon Oct 21 04:22:32 GMT 2002

I won't argue that point. I'm just speaking from experience of my old BBS
days. The same problem came up then too. Just as people having a phone with
the number listed or not, isn't an open invitation to everyone to call it.
The issue that we had with the BBS's here in my area was that even though
the bbs was a free system, it wasn't open to just anyone. It ended up going
to court and precedence was set that the PC was private property and granted
the same rights as anyone's personal private property. Just because the
modem answered, didn't give anyone the right to access it without prior
authorization. The problem stemmed when someone called and opened bogus
accounts and filled up the drive space. Course, the situation is a bit
different with the port 135 issue, however, if property (personal or
business related) because of the messages, it could cause issues for the


Micheal Patterson
Network Administration
Cancer Care Network

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> >A decent prosecuting attorney would more than likely point out that a web
> >server is exactly that.
> Ummm - provided there are any of them left....
> John
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