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MSN support won't help you with a free hotmail account, UNLESS you are a MSN internet access subscriber or PAYING hotmail customer. Other than that I fail to see what this has to do with DShield...?

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  Here it is two hundred messages down the line I haven't gotten to yet.
  I have a unique situation going on. My wife has a MSN HOT mail account associated with a MSN web site she has. She's gotten three emails from Suejdz at ntlworld.com with attachments. They look suspicious and Hot Mail provides a warning their in frames and gives you the option to open them. This is where the fun begins because it is a smart package. I won't download it because it will auto open then exe. So I cant get to it to examine it. I cant get to the headers because their blocked. When I attempted to forward it out of hot mail to another account where I might get to it, the darn thing messes with the URL in MSN and I get a can't find page. So it wont forward.
  So I copy the email and paste it and lo and behold it is returned with the account is overloaded. Next I go to ntlworld.com and email their abuse dept. You all know what that means (machine talky talk) Well I get an autoresponder message back with a lot of blah blah with real tears I tell you. Anyway I try to forward this legit mail and off it goes. Again I try with suejdz and no go??? This thing is really wired. So why am I telling you this. Well, it's bugging me for one and maybe it could interest someone on this list. I cant find a way to notify MSN without talking to a machine and they charge you by the min. to talk on the phone. Not that they really care a lot. But I want to send this email over to ntlworld.com and I cant. It's MSN's server and there's nothing I can do about it. So I figure one of you out there might know a shortcut to get MSN's attention and pass it on to me. If it's a secret I promise not to tell anyone. Anyway I'll quit now and below is a copy of the autoresponder message I received John Daniels
  Alone in a raft with water all around with nothing to worry about but a sinking feeling.

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