[Dshield] Suejdz & Kleze anyone

Christopher Ness mness215 at attbi.com
Tue Oct 22 12:22:20 GMT 2002

On Tuesday 22 October 2002 12:35 am, Daniels566 at cs.com wrote:
> OK I'll keep this short. I do not subscribe to MSN just use the browser to
> facilitate using their free web pages. I use hot mail to create accounts
> and get the necessary storage space for use on the web pages. As far as the
> Suejdz email I couldn't care less about it and would just as well delete
> it. But!!! it got my curiosity "Ouch" It's a tricky one the way it
> integrated into the hot mail and wont let me do anything with the
> functions, I.e., forward email and download to disk. It will only allow
> open exe. So there's no way I can see the program and peek inside of it. I
> don't care about the contents just the source. I just figured it might
> interest someone on the list in case they hear a complaint, but I see not
> to many here are fond of *** as an IP or uncle ***.  Now I'll just get over
> it and pass it up and let it make it's merry way to some other unsuspecting
> PC. Probably someone in a cubical is downloading it right  now.
> Kidding aside these things are getting smarter and smarter and it looks
> like it is custom tailoring itself and rampant in the wild. As the response
> from ntl world suggests.
> John Daniels
> Alone on a raft with nothing to worry about except the sharks.

Alright, I may be trying to use Linux methods to deal with a Microsoft 
problem, but...

How about looking at your mail spool as a text file? Just guessing here, but 
find it with Explorer and "Open With" Notepad or something equivalent. Then 
read down until you find the headers you are looking for. The headers will 
always be plaintext whether the body is encrypted/executable/or markup 

Philosophical difference. One does not always want to deal with things at the 
higher level.

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