[Dshield] In regards to "Klez any one"

Louis Hablas Lou.Hablas at rzim.org
Tue Oct 22 13:41:34 GMT 2002

go to the link above and you'll see that SpamCop shows the originating net
is 'matav.net'.

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Subject: [Dshield] In regards to "Klez any one"

Dear Sir:

I received an email that was Labeled ...

From: MidnightStarr41
To:     MidnightStarr41 

Which I did NOT send to myself ... this was the Internet information that
was on the Detail page ...

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Subject: [fresh] Hidden Desire! Only youngest sexy girls inside...
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I have written AOL asking them how an email was sent to me from me from over
the Internet ... they seem unable to answer me ... I have performed virus
scans on my computer and I am virus free ... I did a web search and found
your notes on what may have to do with my problem

Click  <http://www.dshield.org/pipermail/list/2002-August/000654.html> here:
[Dshield] Klez any one

So was hoping you could help me with some answers to this

The link that was in the email was (Http://loextrim.com/disire/) I believe
it is a sex site ... I did not click on the link and I don't suggest you do
in case it is a password stealing site ...

I would appreciate any help or insight you may be able to share with me

Thank you
B. Roer

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