[Dshield] Suejdz & Kleze anyone

Tom Liston tliston at premmag.com
Tue Oct 22 14:02:56 GMT 2002

I don't believe this is entirely correct, Keith.  AOL users CAN (and 
have) sent Klez.  One way of tracking the actual AOL account sending 
the email is that AOL inserts an "X-Apparently-From:" header line 
into the message.


On 21 Oct 2002 at 19:21, KeithTarrant at spamcop.net wrote:

> By the way, AOL and regular Hotmail accounts can't send Klez.  Klez comes with its own software for sending email and
> contacts regular email servers to do this.  So any Klez email from AOL or Hotmail accounts is just a result of the fake
> randomly choosen sending address.

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