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David Kennedy CISSP david.kennedy at acm.org
Tue Oct 22 16:17:59 GMT 2002

While it is generally a good thing to respond to attacks and try to help or
notify others of problems with their systems, the Net is too big and life
is too short to become preoccupied with too many good things.  The great
thing about DShield is that it collects and aggregates reports and
facilitates good things.

Klez is the most common virus in the wild at the moment.  It spoofs "from"
addresses.  Even if you have the originating, IP, you don't get the e-mail
address of the originator, at best you can e-mail the abuse or postmaster.
But Klez is so prevalent, individual notifications are ineffective in
significantly reducing the overall number of infected systems.  Klez will
attenuate as people realize they need a $50 anti-virus to protect a $1,000
computer.  (YMMV)

With Hotmail, you get what you pay for.  You can use Outlook Express to
pull Hotmail, but unless you're really careful about security settings and
have an up-to-date anti-virus, using OE for Hotmail is somewhat risky.

I recommend you just delete suspicious messages and get on with life.


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