[Dshield] Fw: Microsoft's Super Hidden Files

Russell Washington russ.washington at vaultsentry.com
Thu Oct 24 14:58:45 GMT 2002

The link is interesting enough but was it really necessary to post a copy of
the actual web page as an attachment to the list????
(grumbling more because my last reply re-included the same danged page...
sorry folks, /kick Outlook) :(

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Does anyone on dshield use Microsoft?  Just in case, I'm forwarding this
post from a friend of mine.
P.S.  Over the last two weeks or so, I think I've gotten over a hundred Zone
Alarm alerts, most unusual for me.  Many from China, and Korea, and some of
the strangest (using Neo Trace) seem to come from off shore (east coast)
USA, and if I remember correctly they were registered to China or Korea,
too!  Weird.  

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