[Dshield] RE:FW:Microsoft's Super Hidden Files - sliding off topic

Kenton Smith ksmith at chartwelltechnology.com
Thu Oct 24 16:06:10 GMT 2002

It is articles like this that really get my dander up. For at least two
1. It's not that simple (I sometimes forget that there are a lot of
people subscribed to this list that aren't admins or security
professionals, so this beef is on their behalf). These files are not
some evil plot by Microsoft to track where you are going and how you got
there. If you go and just delete these .DAT files you do nothing to
solve the problem. What the author fails to state (as usually happens in
articles of this nature) is that these are just indexes of files that
are on your computer. The files are still there. If you really want to
get rid of the information, you have to delete the files and the .DAT
2. For many people (start the flaming now) these files are beneficial.
Not all cookies are bad, and the people to which this article is
directed, are the people who utilize cookies the most. Delete the
history files? I know I find them beneficial whether I'm using Windows
or Linux. Temporary Internet files - delete that .DAT and then go back
and look at your email through Outlook Express. Things like attachments
and all sorts of other things will be gone. Microsoft hides these files
for a reason.
3. Okay, I can't stop. IE 6 has the ability to handle a lot of this
stuff. You can manage cookies, you can set how much history to keep, you
can delete your temporary files. Why doesn't the article tell people how
to use the applications instead of how to go and delete system files. I
don't have a problem with telling people how to clean up their systems,
but please tell them why they are doing it. It is this exact type of
article that causes Sys. Admins grief because users read it and delete
the files, and then come and ask why their all of their saved
information for web sites is gone.

Computer users need to be educated properly, otherwise it's going to
cause more problems than it solves. It the same exact problem with
"personal firewalls" (let's not start that debate again please). All
this information is spewing out and the people who need the software the
most have no idea what the information is saying. This article is
spewing our all sorts of information that the intended audience knows
nothing about, when he could have used the space to inform them of what
these files actually do and why you may or may not want them on your

Kenton Smith

On Oct. 23, 2002 Karen wrote:

Does anyone on dshield use Microsoft?  Just in case, I'm forwarding this
post from a friend of mine.
P.S.  Over the last two weeks or so, I think I've gotten over a hundred
Zone Alarm alerts, most unusual for me.  Many from China, and Korea, and
some of the strangest (using Neo Trace) seem to come from off shore
(east coast) USA, and if I remember correctly they were registered to
China or Korea, too!  Weird.  

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