[Dshield] UDP:137 probes - picking up steam?

Jaikula jaikula at ihug.com.au
Thu Oct 24 17:52:01 GMT 2002

I'm on a dialup connection myself and have found that there has been more
and more Port 137 hits on ZA in this past month that it isnt funny, it's
actually overtook Port 1214 hits within the space of a day. Even my own ISP
who I report to manually as well as using Dshield for seem to be stumped by
it as well. They have told me Port 137 probe reports have increased 1000% in
the past month with them, makes you wonder if there is a new trojan out
there that nothing is known about.

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Subject: [Dshield] UDP:137 probes - picking up steam?

Is the UDP:137 background noise picking up steam, or is it just me?

ACID reports, for the previous 24 hours:

UDP to 137 netBIOS ns

 258 (1%) total

 2 sensors

 237 source IP's

 2 destination IP's

 start: 2002-10-23 04:18:13

   end: 2002-10-24 04:38:11

This is on my dialup, at home, and I wasn't even dialed up for as
many hours as I normally would be...

- John
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