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James C Slora Jr Jim.Slora at phra.com
Thu Oct 24 20:55:52 GMT 2002

Nikolai Razouvaev wrote
> I've had more 700 hits within about 2 minutes on various ports and since
> I'm far from being an expert in security (just trying to keep an eye on
> what's going) I thought I would rather ask.

> Can somebody please let me know if this is anything serious or just a

You got portscanned, but you may have triggered it yourself.

>From the home page of the computer that scanned you:

This machine is the security scanner at dslreports.com

If you, OR (if you are a network admin) ANY OF YOUR USERS, visited
dslreports.com/broadbandreports.com and used any of the IP scan related
tools we host, then your firewall or IDS may have logs from the IP address
of bronze.dslreports.com. For more information <A
HREF="http://www.dslreports.com/toolaudit">CLICK HERE .. by entering the IP
address you believe has been scanned you will be able to verify the
timestamp and type of scan.. this may help you in contacting your user, or
remembering the request. So far, our tools have not been spoofed to cause
them to scan a third party IP address.<br>

http://www.dslreports.com - dslreports.com home page.

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