[Dshield] Friendgreetings.com mass emailer

KickerRick kickerrick at kickerrick.servebeer.com
Fri Oct 25 16:56:56 GMT 2002

    Looks to me like a spam harvester, uses your own address book to scam
valid email addresses.

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> Craig nailed it, that's the one.  Symantec now has a doc up too:
> Truth is that these companies can call it non-malicious all they want.
> Anything that masquerades itself as coming from someone else to facilitate
> propagation and mail-bombs contact lists is definitely treading in
> wormspace... and I'll bet this thing does a lot more than what the EULA
> authorizes although I have nothing to back that up.  We're thinking over
> here that the email addresses it pulls are probably getting culled for
> resale and reuse.
> But that's another discussion.  For anyone looking to extract this thing
> from their systems, good luck.  We're nuking the two boxes we found it on
> because we can't verify their integrity.
> "It's not a virus, it's not a worm... because it has a EULA" :)

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