[Dshield] Port 135

Russell Washington russ.washington at vaultsentry.com
Fri Oct 25 17:38:10 GMT 2002

> How should my students then be able to access their files
> from home? Mapping shares over the Internet works and is
> easy to use for the computer illiterate.

Yes, easy.  Not secure.  Leaving my front door open is easier than reaching
for the key too, and at the same time I'm not about to call Door Support and
ask for biometric-checking hinges with a guillotine hung in the jamb for the
unauthenticated trespassers.

There is a well-known inverse relationship between ease of use and security.
While we're at this, let's stop using books too, because the spoken word is
easier to use for the reading-illiterate.  The point is, you have to pick
your lowest common denominator.  I doubt that using the computer illiterate
as that denominator is going to benefit even the most inane definitions of

> Instead of talking law call your Micrsoft support line
> and ask for a better Messenger service.

BwaaaaaaaHAHAhahaha (sorry, couldn't resist) :)

This isn't a flame, BTW, no disrespect intended.  Just raising the "oh, come
on" flag.  This *is* a mailing list about security issues and techniques, so
far as I know. :)

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