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The "access files from home" also referred to "mapping shares over the
How is he doing this and -- more importantly -- WHY is he doing this with
all the security problems inherent in allowing access like that?

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I think I'm being normal. 

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MSN Messenger is not involved with file sharing i.e., the referred to
"access their files from home."  He's talking about NBT shares.

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Let's clarify something.  There is Windows Messenger that the admin uses to
broadcast messages using his intranet.  You'll
see it in Windows 2000/XP by opening the Microsoft Management Console and
clicking on Services.  I believe what  the students are using is MSN

Jan Johansson wrote:

On Wed, Oct 16, 2002 at 10:17:05AM -0700, John Hardin wrote:


If they're accessing this through your firewall, your firewall is

misconfigured. I think that could be an effective argument against



What firewall? And where should I point it with 10 000 students.

Protect the Internet from me or me from the Internet. It is as

much harm on either side anyway which makes it useless.


135:139 SHOULD NOT be permitted in from or out to the Internet.


How should my students then be able to access their files from

home? Mapping shares over the Internet works and is easy to

use for the computer illiterate.

The problem lies in the messenger service. It should validate

messages using crypto and whatever means the administrator has

decided. (This may be possible but I 'Don't do Windows').

Instead of talking law call your Micrsoft support line and ask

for a better Messenger service.


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