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The basic problem is with the attitude that the educational system (ie: universities) have towards the Internet. The administration of many of these schools view the Internet as it was fifteen years ago... "free and open to everyone and that is the way it should stay". 
My company has a large, well-know university as a client. We have recommended many times that they lock down their network, but they refuse to do so based on the idea above. We've done our part to advise them... since they won't change we'll just keep taking their money to go in and repeatedly fix the stuff that hackers & students break! 
I suspect that many universities are similar. In some cases it is not the choice of the IT staff to leave it wide open, rather it is a policy forced on them by clueless top administration. (Does this sound like Dilbert material?).
 Jason Allen <jallen at garden-city.org> wrote:I may be missing the point here, but it's not about the messenging client...it's about assuming responsibility for what you allow to go in and out on your network....if you are comfortable not using a firewall to protect the folks on the inside, that's your judgement call, but when you give 10 thousand students free reign to wreak whatever havok they may enjoy on the rest of us, just so it is more 'convenient' for you, you are guilty of gross negligence. It's really prettty simple. Spend the schools money and tighten down the network. The easy road leads to disaster. I suppose it would be fine to allow them all to trade software and music illegally too....maybe we should call the recording industry and just ask for a better way of recording music.  -----Original Message-----
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Let's clarify something.  There is Windows Messenger that the admin uses to broadcast messages using his intranet.  You'll
see it in Windows 2000/XP by opening the Microsoft Management Console and clicking on Services.  I believe what  the students are using is MSN Messenger.

Jan Johansson wrote:

On Wed, Oct 16, 2002 at 10:17:05AM -0700, John Hardin wrote:  

If they're accessing this through your firewall, your firewall ismisconfigured. I think that could be an effective argument againstliability.    

What firewall? And where should I point it with 10 000 students.Protect the Internet from me or me from the Internet. It is asmuch harm on either side anyway which makes it useless.  

135:139 SHOULD NOT be permitted in from or out to the Internet.    

How should my students then be able to access their files fromhome? Mapping shares over the Internet works and is easy touse for the computer illiterate.The problem lies in the messenger service. It should validatemessages using crypto and whatever means the administrator hasdecided. (This may be possible but I 'Don't do Windows').Instead of talking law call your Micrsoft support line and askfor a better Messenger service._______________________________________________Dshield mailing listDshield at dshield.orgTo change your subscription options (or unsubscribe), see: http://www.dshield.org/mailman/listinfo/list  

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