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Johannes Ullrich jullrich at euclidian.com
Mon Oct 28 19:58:55 GMT 2002

> The firewall is a concentration point, a point of control. Granted, it
> is not a panacaea. I do not rely on it to do everything. It's only one
> part of the defenses - the moat filled with stinky sewage, if you will.

Another argument for a firewall to help with this problem: It moves the
'solution' (firewall) from the user to the ISP. Hopefully, the ISP is
better suited and educated to attack this problem.

Think about credit cards: Credit card companies and merchants pick up
the cost of credit card fraud because they are the once that can 
control it. A regular user does not have the ability to protect the
card from being stolen (unless it is not used and locked in the bank
safe), while credit card companies have the expertise to at least limit 
the damage. On the other hand, half of the cost of credit card fraud
is customer support (handling phone calls and such).

ISPs already pay for the abuse of resources by their users. We got
multiple replies to our fightback messages indicating that people
where going to upgrade their Internet connection because it was slow,
but our notice pointed them to a Nimda infecting machines that did chew
up their network resources.

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