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> >...as if MS give a hoot about this problem.
 If enough people stop buying their products they have to care. I don't know
about where you're at, but here in the States, most places you go to
purchase a computer from these days comes with Windows on it. Unlike most of
us probably on this list, the average personal computer user doesn't know
much about installing an OS, let alone building the system to put it on so
they just opt for the prebuilt with all the bells and whistles. You, me and
everyone on this list could stop purchasing anything MS and they'd not
notice it a bit.

> >...as if the existence of this problem causes MS any financial
> >or PR discomfort in any way.
> Maybe not this one. But together with the next and the next.

I seriously doubt that will ever happen. People have been saying that since
Win 3.1 with it's flakey com port issues among other things. They claimed to
have fixed all of the problems and added new features with the release of
Win95. Out of the box, its' stack would get locked by simply having a
fragmented packet. The same flaw was also inherent to Win98 (as I recall),
Win NT as well as some *nix platforms. I know for fact that the *nix
platforms had updates available well before MS had them for it's products.

 Let's face facts, MS has a very strong hold on a large portion of the world
PC OS market and has for a long time now.  MS knows, as does most everyone
else, that their hold on the common PC allows them more time than most to
recover from these issues simply because they've got the world by the nether


Micheal Patterson
Network Administrator

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