[Dshield] Fun with MSIE's Automatic searching

Patrick Andry pandry at wolverinefreight.ca
Wed Oct 30 13:40:20 GMT 2002

This is exactly why I change IE options to "Do not search from the 
address bar"

>Shouldn't Microsoft do what they can to ease internet loads by not trying such random 'searches'?
Yes, they should.  They should also streamline their code to avoid 
bloat, follow the RFC's and not Embrace, Extend and Extinguish.
The big question is will they?  The answer is 'NO'.

>  If not, why don't they just portscan till they find what the browser's looking for?  :o  (That being my almost security related point, but its a stretch as I know traffic isn't routed)
Don't give them any ideas.  

>  Personally, if I owned the .com.net domain, I'd be tempted to put up an anti-microsoft webpage that would get shown to any browser pointed at .com.net sites.
Personally, I would take my pants off before they got sued offa me. 
 Even if it had no legal basis (IANAL, but I think that it might, being 
malicious and all) the litigation itself, the travel costs of 
representing yourself in Washington (or wherever they file) is enough.  

>Now that I've got that mystery settled, I've got to figure out why I've got clients on the network requesting DNS names such as 'Excel.exe'.  ARGH.
I suggest a large me-too by four be kept beside your desk for re-neducation.

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