[Dshield] X-Apparently-From accuracy?

Preston G. Simpson preston.simpson at sfrlaw.com
Tue Sep 3 16:04:17 GMT 2002

	Does anyone have any data on how accurate the "X-Apparently-From" header
in messages from AOL is? Evidently, some unscrupulous person has gotten
hold of a list of addresses at the firm here and has been spamming
attorneys with messages forged to appear to be from other attorneys.
The same AOL address crops up in most of these messages under
X-Apparently-From, and we'd like to have some idea of how good a guess
this is before we consider any other action.
	I'd call AOL about this, but I didn't want to waste the next umpteen
hours of my life trying to explain what email is and how it works to the
"tech support" there if I didn't have to - ditto for any correspondence
with abuse@ or postmaster at .

--Preston G. Simpson
  IS Services
  preston.simpson at sfrlaw.com

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