[Dshield] IDNET Challenge.

Johannes Ullrich jullrich at euclidian.com
Wed Sep 4 17:07:08 GMT 2002

  At this years SANS Network Security conference, there will be an
'IDNET', which I think some folks here may be interested in.

  If you are sick defending your network, this is a chance to play
script kiddie (or prove that you are better than that).

  Essentially, there will be a set of machines to attack. In addition,
some vendors will be present to show of intrusion detection systems.
These systems will monitor the network.

  You don't have to register for any of the other courses. Essentially
you can just show up (bring your laptop/tools) and register at the door.
We haven't finalized the cost, but at the door registration will be
$20. There are a number of prizes.

   It will all happen on Thursday Oct. 24th at the Washington DC Convention
Center (downtown DC) and basically run all day.

   For details:

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