[Dshield] A new tactic for fighting spam?

John Draper crunch at shopip.com
Sun Sep 8 03:37:39 GMT 2002

>Well, a lot of spam uses throw away hotmail accounts or dialup accounts.
>I am using the spamcop black list for a while now and it works quite well.

Oh Yea - I should put those in the Crunchbox block list....   Hmmm!   I forgot about that feature.   
>There are some other services, like for example spamarrest.com, which
>are sometimes a headache if people sign up to this mailing list and
>forget to 'whitelist' it, so I have to deal with the bounces (minor

Hmmm!   going to check this one out.
>On the other hand, better whois information would be a great thing.
>For DShield, I gave up on reverse-resolution / in-addr.arpa a long
>time ago. But even ARIN/APNIC/RIPE data is often bad.

Indeed it is...  but getting them (ISP's) to respond to your requests and reports is like talking to a wall,   especially Korean and Chinese ISP's.

Perhaps we should try and put pressure on Sprintlink,  the main provider that provides China with Internet service.   At least that's what the traceroute says.


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