[Dshield] A new tactic for fighting spam?

Chris DeVoney chris_devoney at cybercritic.com
Sun Sep 8 17:30:40 GMT 2002

At 08:08 AM 9/8/2002 -0500, Ed Truitt wrote:
>However, yesterday I got a strange email from them.  It was a form letter,
>telling me that since I had had several spam complaints lodged against a
>domain I am the "abuse" contact for, if I didn't quit my spamming ways I
>would be blocked.  Well, I have never received any spam complaints (from
>spamcop or otherwise), and I went to their site and did a search on the
>domain's SMTP server - and found no records.  So, I shot a reply back,
>asking for further details.  Haven't heard anything back yet, hope to by
>sometime Monday.<snip>

Same here. Double checked the email server to insure it wasn't open. I 
wonder if the mailing was the fluke.


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