[Dshield] A new tactic for fighting spam?

John Draper crunch at shopip.com
Tue Sep 10 17:31:57 GMT 2002

>Johannes Ullrich wrote:
>> Well, a lot of spam uses throw away hotmail accounts or dialup accounts.
>When spammers use hotmail or similar accounts, they usually have a reference to some web site -- most often a web site with fictitious or missing registration information. When you get spam that references such sites, report these too! The more stuff that we can get shut down, or the more spammers are forced to reveal about themselves, the better!

I guess you already know where to report it.... ( be sure to include full headers)

   uce at ftc.gov - FTC Spam reporting
   spamcop.net - Both free and pay service
   419.fcd at usss.treas.gov - For Nigerian scam,  put "NO LOSS" in subject line

Spammers go to great length to hide,  but at the same time,  they have to be reached (How ELSE are the suckers going to send them money).   I'm getting really good at tracking them down.  But mosst use open relays off shore,  and most ISP's are unwilling to cooperate and give out info on who they are.

99% of spam investigated by FTC winds up being a "dead end".   MOST spammers use PO boxes for addresses...    NEVER send money to a PO Box....   or they (spammers) want you to fax them your credit card info.    MOST are scams anyway.

One thing I noticed (and sucessfully reported) is the Stock Pumpup scam.   New companies just recently gone IPO are victums...  it works like this...   they (spammers) will send spam out to promote a new company's product (without knowledge of the company),   to increase their sales (and eventually increase the value of their stock)..  before they do that,   they send out spams to millions of people "A Stock deal you just can't refuse to pass up.....".  They buy stock in the new company (usually at the low initial offering price),  but knowing the stock is going to increase.   Once it does,  they go on a mad selling spree (EVEN MORE SPAM),  and people fall for this shit.

I uncovered such a plot...


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