[Dshield] Re: Spamcop, the messenger

swimmer swimmer at dwhite.ws
Thu Sep 12 16:35:12 GMT 2002

So: If you've missed issues recently due to SpamCop's
chopping-off-the-leg approach to stopping spam, I apologize, but there's
not a thing I can do about it. I suggest you talk to your ISP or IT
department to let them know that the SpamCop blacklist is an unfinished
beta product; that it's deeply flawed; and that is wide open to both
accidental and deliberate misuse.

I am a small provider and screen incoming email on my servers through the
ORDB open-relay database, second the spamcop.bl, and third the complete
pacific rim database as obtained from ARIN, with the exception of Australia
and New Zealand, third through an anti-virus scanner.  email providers also
have their entire net block denied when they fail to timely respond to
multiple spam complaints.  I consider this their due.

With this in place, my log files show very few legitimate mailers are
getting caught in the filters.  Those are easy enough to manually add to the
"allow" file.
As far as spamcop, perhaps you are trying to kill the messenger instead of
the real offender.
An IP address is not automatically blocked on just one report, but upon
receipt of many, and if the spamming stops it is automatically removed in 7
What I have found is that many who call themselves "legitimate" still
obfuscate headers and rape open relays to send out their spew. They also
fail to timely respond to unsubscribe requests or provide fake email contact
addresses. All these are legitimately blocked

I can see no reason to change this filter practice.  My clients are quite
happy with it.

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