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Mon Sep 16 21:55:21 GMT 2002

>Daniel; PUHLEEZE!! Lets let this disgusting phrase
>die a natural death. I'm sure there are many newer
>and better ways to describe something that does not
>work as advertised. 
>How about a little contest to see who can create a
>much more pleasant computer age replacement for the 
>phrase (ugh) snake oil? ...Mel. 
 I did not originate the "Phrase" S.O. in the string nor did I conclude the 
string using the "Phrase" S.O. But I welcome a contest so long as I'm the 
winner. But I guess there's no such thing as a "sure thing" which I believe 
goes to the core of inquiry in all these strings. But I'll keep the S.O. on 
the shelf in case I need it some other time.
Meanwhile I'm tightening down a bit as I noticed in some of the strings 
there's fingers pointing at the far east but I've been watching the locals, 
E-W Europe,Spain,U.S. and last I heard they have a contest going too. They 
have learned not to bump each other in their zealous to get something out in 
the wild before someone beats them. I expect something noticeable but not 
mean will show up.
John Daniels
I speak a universal language, if I don't understand you I hope you came in 
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