[Dshield] RE: [Full-Disclosure] openssl exploit code

Arjen De Landgraaf arjen.de.landgraaf at cologic.co.nz
Mon Sep 16 23:42:16 GMT 2002

Well, let's see what happens with this post :)

We have taken the initiative to place a completely free,
very extensive and complete ICT security vulnerability 
database on the web, for the IT security world to 
use as a possible resource.


E-Secure-DB is the result of a full-time team 24 x 7 
over the last  two years.   Each of the items entered
in the DB over that time has  been checked by at  
least one person.  No automated posting, 
although we do have most of the  harvesting automated. 

No news items like "Man Hacked to Death in Papua 
New Guinea" here, only relevant IT security stuff (well, we think).

Over 60,000 items, with between 50-100 added daily.
The database is organised in a tree structure, with
around 2500 folders on almost any subject, including 
product vulns, viruses, news, information etc. No empty folders:)

Updates - last batch update 16 Sept 03.00 New Zealand 
time (GMT +12). 

For instance: Info on Slapper / SSL worm in the 
SSL/OpenSSL folder:


If anyone on this list finds any dead links, or anything 
else we can improve or change in  www.e-secure-db.us
to make it work better for you, let us know.

mail to: quality at e-secure-it.co.nz

Feedback really appreciated.

New Zealand

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Solar, Dave, hellNbak, all,

On Mon, Sep 16, 2002 at 04:08:54PM -0500, Solar Eclipse wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 16, 2002 at 02:16:05PM -0600, Dave Ahmad wrote:
> > An exploit code that lists you as the author has been posted to Bugtraq.
> > I would like to request your permission before approving it for
> > distribution on the list.

That's interesting as a bugtraq moderator approved a post of
an exploit of mine without asking for consent. Namely
RaQFuCK.sh. What's worse? I attempted to reply to the person who
posted my exploit and discuss that I had only sent the exploit to
full-disclosure but this little piece of information was conveniently
withheld from bugtraq subscribers. Comments?


  Charles Stevenson (core) <core at bokeoa.com>
  Lab Assistant, College of Eastern Utah San Juan Campus 

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