[Dshield] DShield.py 3.0rc3 released

Andrew Rucker Jones arjones at simultan.dyndns.org
Thu Sep 19 07:44:07 GMT 2002

Uh, good point. Guess i just assumed it was so popular that everyone 
knew where to get it. ;)


I'm not absolutely sure about fixing the e-mail copy bug, because i'm 
not subscribed to the list, so i never got Your description. However, i 
did notice that the e-mail copy got sent to the wrong address (twice to 
DShield, if i recall), and i fixed that a while ago. Best to send bug 
reports directly to us.


Brad Morgan wrote:
> Andrew,
> You didn't say where to download the file.  Does this include the bug fix I
> mentioned on the Dshield list regarding the email copy?
> Regards,
> Brad Morgan

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