[Dshield] FAQ Suggestion

Mark Rowlands mark.rowlands at minmail.net
Fri Sep 20 07:06:38 GMT 2002

On Thu September 19 2002 12:13, John Draper wrote:
> >Where I work, you may not install any software that is not company
> > licensed or shareware or freeware. 

I think you mean you may only install company approved software.?

> > Audits are conducted remotely and if
> > you have done this you get a warning, a write-up, then out the door. It
> > is that serious.

> The job market MUST be terrible now,   or everyone might bail out of
> working there,   wherever that is.

Not really,if someone doesn't get it after it has been explained to him/her 
twice, I wouldn't really want that person working in my company.

If you think you need some software to do your job, take it up with your 
manager, if you are the manager, check with the IT dept, if you are the IT 
dept..... employ an expensive consultant to do your thinking for you while 
you go to the pub.  ;-)

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