[Dshield] question....

Karen karenj at worldlynx.net
Mon Sep 30 13:39:52 GMT 2002

Dear Martin:

Thank you, too, for responding so quickly!  

Your response begs another question, though.  You mean that the perp dialed in to my phone number?  

So sorry I'm illiterate.  I'm trying to learn though!

Thanks, again.

Take care,

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  Looks like a dial-in client (ppp-xxx)


  ppp-ptc-pm3-07-036.fiberlynx.net []


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  I'm new to the list, and just joined out of curiosity because I keep getting 'pinged', some I've trace on Neo Trace.  This one was strange because it couldn't find who it was.  Any ideas/help?


  This was the number  UDP Port 1026





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