[Dshield] new email threat?

Hill, Keith Keith.Hill at occ.treas.gov
Fri Aug 1 17:06:18 GMT 2003

I'm being bombarded with emails with the following message:

Subject: your account maemddxd
Importance: High

Hello there,

I would like to inform you about important information regarding your
email address. This email address will be expiring.
Please read attachment for details.
Best regards, Administrator

There is an attachment, a zip with an html script embedded in it.  I don't
want to send it as it may be malware.  When run it creates a blank web page
but the code is 16 KB and contains compiled code and several references that
use either "moo ha ha" or "foo.exe" in the script.  Has anyone else seen


Keith Hill
kjhill at cox.net
(703) 599-8133
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