[Dshield] IP representation

Ray Seals rseals at vdsi.net
Fri Aug 1 17:27:22 GMT 2003

Convert IP to decimal:


$_ = <STDIN>;


$converteddecimal = ip2dec($_);
$convertedip = dec2ip($converteddecimal);

print "Beginning ip address: $_\n";
print "Decimal: $converteddecimal\n";
print "IP: $convertedip\n";

sub dec2ip ($) {
join '.', unpack 'C4', pack 'N', shift;

sub ip2dec ($) {
unpack N => pack CCCC => split /\./ => shift;

Convert interger to ip:


print "Please Enter Decimal IP number to convert: ";
$_ = <STDIN>;


$converted = dec2ip($_);

print "IP Address: $converted\n";

sub dec2ip ($) {
join '.' => map { ($_[0] >> 8*(3-$_)) % 256 } 0 .. 3;


On Fri, 2003-08-01 at 10:52, Leone, Michael wrote:
> A while back (talking about early 90's old school) I came across
> representing ip addresses as a single long integer not in its period
> delimited form. Anybody remember the name of that, or even how it was
> converted? I wrote a sh script to convert the ip addresses back and forth
> but that's probably on an old scsi drive somewhere in a dust latent bsd
> server that has been sitting in my basement since desert storm. Today, I
> can't remember what it was called nor do I recall how to do it. Brain
> doesn't work so good these days, caffeine has short-circuited my memory.
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