[Dshield] [OT] crippled POP3 service: is this legal?

Andre Costa acosta at ar.microlink.com.br
Sat Aug 2 18:51:29 GMT 2003

Hi all,

this is a little OT, but I thought that you guys might want to share
your experiences/opinions. If not, please apologize.

It looks like one of the major Brazilian ISPs modified POP3 behavior by
making RETR command also DELETE msgs. In other words: if there's only 1
msg on my mbox, I login, RETR msg 1, quit and login back again, mailbox
is empty (I have a telnet session dump that shows exactly this, in case
anyone wants to take a look).

According to ISP support, you can have access to the "extra feature" of
"sticky(?) messages" -- but you have to pay more for it. AFAICS this
"extra feature" is exactly standard POP3 behavior which IMHO I should be
getting in the first place since I subscribed to POP service.

Am I tripping here? Is this acceptable behavior? What's your opinion on



Andre Oliveira da Costa

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