[Dshield] [OT] crippled POP3 service: is this legal?

Rick Klinge rick at jaray.net
Sat Aug 2 19:21:00 GMT 2003

Well, fwiw the rfc's are just guidelines that most of the internet community
upholds and supports.  There is absolutely nothing you can do about your
isp's decision to 'charge extra' for storing your email - except to not use
them.  With all the free email services available to the world I'd suspect
your isp will lose many of its' clients.  Hotmail, for example, gives you
basic 'free' storage.. anything over a preset size will cost you more (like
most email admins - we're not inclined to use email servers as "file storage
servers") There is very little to no legal issues concerning email.  In the
united states there are separate laws per state that prohibit uce/spam and
rumor of some non enforceable federal laws too.  To my knowledge there is no
ultimate enforcer of the rfc's.  I wouldn't think that your isp's decision
to limit pop email storage to "0" will last very long.


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> Hi all,
> this is a little OT, but I thought that you guys might want to share
> your experiences/opinions. If not, please apologize.
> It looks like one of the major Brazilian ISPs modified POP3 behavior by
> making RETR command also DELETE msgs. In other words: if there's only 1
> msg on my mbox, I login, RETR msg 1, quit and login back again, mailbox
> is empty (I have a telnet session dump that shows exactly this, in case
> anyone wants to take a look).
> According to ISP support, you can have access to the "extra feature" of
> "sticky(?) messages" -- but you have to pay more for it. AFAICS this
> "extra feature" is exactly standard POP3 behavior which IMHO I should be
> getting in the first place since I subscribed to POP service.
> Am I tripping here? Is this acceptable behavior? What's your opinion on
> this?
> Andre

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