[Dshield] [OT] crippled POP3 service: is this legal?

Andre Costa acosta at ar.microlink.com.br
Sat Aug 2 19:48:41 GMT 2003

Thks for your opinion, Rick. I agree with you. FWIW, it is not that I am
considering to subscribe to this particular ISP -- my decision as a user
would have been 'drop it' as soon as I realized this. The thing is that
I work for a company which is developing a software that will be used by
users of this ISP (among others) to interact with their email accounts
(but _not_ delete msgs), and we're expecting all kinds of trouble if
msgs start 'disappearing' from their accounts =/

But, I guess you're right, RFCs are only guidelines, so legally these
guys can do whatever they want with it...



On Sat, 2 Aug 2003 14:21:00 -0500
"Rick Klinge" <rick at jaray.net> wrote:

> Well, fwiw the rfc's are just guidelines that most of the internet
> community upholds and supports.  There is absolutely nothing you can
> do about your isp's decision to 'charge extra' for storing your email
> - except to not use them.  With all the free email services available
> to the world I'd suspect your isp will lose many of its' clients. 
> Hotmail, for example, gives you basic 'free' storage.. anything over a
> preset size will cost you more (like most email admins - we're not
> inclined to use email servers as "file storage servers") There is very
> little to no legal issues concerning email.  In the united states
> there are separate laws per state that prohibit uce/spam and rumor of
> some non enforceable federal laws too.  To my knowledge there is no
> ultimate enforcer of the rfc's.  I wouldn't think that your isp's
> decision to limit pop email storage to "0" will last very long.
> ~Rick
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> > Hi all,
> >
> > this is a little OT, but I thought that you guys might want to share
> > your experiences/opinions. If not, please apologize.
> >
> > It looks like one of the major Brazilian ISPs modified POP3 behavior
> > by making RETR command also DELETE msgs. In other words: if there's
> > only 1 msg on my mbox, I login, RETR msg 1, quit and login back
> > again, mailbox is empty (I have a telnet session dump that shows
> > exactly this, in case anyone wants to take a look).
> >
> > According to ISP support, you can have access to the "extra feature"
> > of"sticky(?) messages" -- but you have to pay more for it. AFAICS
> > this"extra feature" is exactly standard POP3 behavior which IMHO I
> > should be getting in the first place since I subscribed to POP
> > service.
> >
> > Am I tripping here? Is this acceptable behavior? What's your opinion
> > on this?
> >
> > TIA
> >
> > Andre
> >
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Andre Oliveira da Costa

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